shannon + miles - january 2016

Chelsea was our day-of coordinator for our Seattle wedding and we could not be more pleased! Right from the beginning she was flexible, helpful, and genuinely caring. She asked questions that we wouldn't have thought of, helped us with vendor selections, made a detailed day-of timeline, and best of all, kept us on time throughout the whole wedding (in a friendly way). I am positive that Chelsea did many behind-the-scene things that kept the wedding on track, but she didn't let these things stress out me or my family -- she just handles it. We were truly in capable hands. Hiring Chelsea was one of the best things I did for my wedding.

kara + paul - december 2015

Chelsea is AMAZING! She was the first vendor we hired and we are so glad we did. She helped us find other vendors, helped create a timeline, kept in contact with other vendors, and was our sanity during our long wedding planning process. She had answers to questions, communicated tirelessly with our vendors, answered our long, rambling emails, reviewed contracts, helped to keep us on budget, and even created a beautiful wedding website for our guests. 
She helped create a smooth, seamless wedding day for us. She made sure we were on time on the wedding day, helped move family members where they needed to be, worked with vendors to ensure everyone was set up and organized, loaded gifts in to the car, and was an awesome behind the scenes presence to keep it all running smoothly. We can't say enough good things about Chelsea and we definitely recommend that you work with Dancing Fox if you want an amazing event!

alyssa + miguel - august 2015

I just can't say enough good things about Dancing Fox Weddings and Events! We hired Chelsea pretty early on in our wedding planning process to be our day of coordinator. I was a DIY bride who debated whether or not I would even need someone to coordinate the details but I am SO happy that I found Chelsea! (TRUST ME, you should hire one too!) We decided to hire her just so that I would not have to worry about all the little details and events on the day of, so that I could really focus on enjoying the day, and Chelsea took care of EVERYTHING.

Before the big day:
Chelsea made such a great effort to reach out to me and check up on how things were going and make sure I was on track. The month before the wedding, she kept in touch even more to make sure things were going smoothly. This was so great! As any bride approaching her wedding day, I could feel the stress building as my to do list grew and as I fell behind. Every time I would talk with Chelsea, I felt confident again that everything would come together perfectly. She was quick to jump in and help with contacting vendors (which can be exhausting, coordinating details with all of them) for the final details of the day. I was also happy that she was so proactive in reaching out to ME so that contacting her was one less thing to worry about. I was thankful to have a day of planner who did so much in preparation for the day I really felt like I had someone there to consult with the entire way through and Chelsea truly goes above and beyond, I felt that she really put a lot of care and attention into my day.

Day of:
The day finally arrived and Chelsea was a ROCK STAR. The entire day from my perspective and my Husbands was that after all of the stories you hear about things that go wrong at weddings, we were so surprised that ours went so flawlessly. There is one reason for that and it was because of Chelsea. She was on it. Everything, she just took care of and any little hiccups were fixed and taken care of before I even noticed. This says A LOT because not only am I a perfectionist, but I also get stressed out easily and get anxious too, my entire wedding party commented on just how calm I was all day long and nothing was causing me to worry. I felt that our wedding was in safe hands and there was no need to stress about anything.

Chelsea is a perfect example of the phrase "Calm, cool, and collected" and it is contagious! I could go on and on into detail about how she went the extra mile because she really did. Even tasks that shouldn't have fell on her and were things looked over by a couple of the other vendors she stepped up to help with to make sure it ended up perfectly. We recommend Chelsea to any couple looking for a great planner! You will not be disappointed!

linda + scott - august 2015

Chelsea was fantastic for our day of coordination needs! Our venue was not traditional in the sense that chairs, tables, decorations, etc. were not included. Think food truck on a farm. Chelsea did more than day of coordination. She helped us get organized with our vendors and helped us stay on track with deadlines. She had wonderful ideas and when it came time to get things done, she helped get them done! One of the worst windstorms occurred on our wedding day, which quickly turned our indoor wedding to an outdoor wedding. Chelsea played a big role in making sure the wedding still happened beautifully, without causing the bride and groom unwarranted stress!

stephanie + ian - july 2015

We hired Chelsea to help with day-of coordination a month out from our wedding when I realized that having everything go smoothly on the big day would be a HUGE task that I didn't want my family or friends to have to worry about. Every meeting I had with Chelsea helped me to feel more organized and confident that our big day would go off without a hitch. She was crucial in creating the perfect timeline, making great planning recommendations, corresponding with our vendors and generally taking care of last-minute planning details that I just didn't have time or energy to deal with.

On the wedding day, she ensured that everything was running smoothly and would check in on me and the wedding party from time to time to ensure that we had everything we needed to enjoy the day. She even ran out to grab a few pizzas for hungry groomsmen who had forgotten to eat lunch! Most importantly, she listened to all my questions and requests and made them happen, so I truly didn't have to worry about a thing. If anything went horribly wrong on my wedding day, I have no idea about it because Chelsea handled it. All in all, I can't recommend Chelsea enough, and any bride would be totally bonkers not to hire her to help with day-of coordinator!

allison + cody - may 2015

We hired Chelsea as our day-of-coordinator, but she was much more than that. In our first meeting she brought up countless ideas and questions that hadn't crossed our mind. It was obvious right away that we needed her on board. She met us several times throughout the planning process, curated our timeline, reached out to vendors, and provided best practices. What we liked best about Chelsea is that she isn't pushy or opinionated and is extremely detail oriented. We had a DIY wedding that required a lot of setup and are a couple of perfectionists. We completely trusted her to help bring our vision to life. 

On the day of, she showed up early, stayed late, and ensured everything went smoothly for our guests. Most importantly, we weren't bothered with a million questions and incidents were calmly handled behind the scenes, so we could enjoy our special day. She turned one snafu in particular (our caterer was slightly short on food during dinner) into a late-night buffet that was a huge hit. Honestly we couldn't have pulled it off without her!

maxine + carl - june 2014

I was hesitant to hire a wedding coordinator because I was a bride who wanted to manage everything myself. However as we got down to the 2 week mark prior to the big day, I started worrying about all the details of who was going to take care of matters on the wedding day!  Certainly not me, the bride!  =)  I went through the daunting task of reviewing the slew of fliers, pamphlets and cards we picked up from the Seattle Wedding Expo 6 months ago. Come to find out, some of the coordinators were either already booked until 2015, unavailable the same weekend or were going to charge a lot more than what I felt comfortable spending.  Yes, I could ask my relatives to set up and tear down but my hunch was that it'd be easier to have 1 person who knew what they were doing to run things instead of 5 people who would have to come find me for every little detail and answer. 

We met Chelsea for a full hour and she asked us everything about the wedding from vendors to what was left to do.  She was an instant hit with us and the more questions she asked, the more we realized we needed her to help us with our big day.  We could've probably gone on for another hour talking about next steps and planning but we had a cake tasting appointment we had to get to!  She has awesome note-taking skills because at the end of our meeting, she went through everything and didn't miss a thing!  We drove away knowing we absolutely needed her on board!  

Chelsea had the tough task of catching up on the last 5 months of our planning, figuring out a venue she hasn't worked at before and helping us manage final items (like folding table name cards and renting event items!!!).  Here are some of the key points that we were really impressed with:

1.  Punctuality - she was early for every appointment.  She was also very responsive through email and I was never wondering when she was going to respond.
2.  Taking Initiative - she picked up and drove a lot of the email communication with the vendors asking all the right questions I didn't think of.  She even got us a last minute rehearsal booking at our venue!  (I had no idea it was part of our package but she followed through with her own research and got us set-up!)
3. Personal Touches - Chelsea picked me up from my house to ensure I got to the venue on time to get ready!  Wow this was above and beyond my expectations.  It was really a nice touch to start my wedding day!  
4.  Flexibility - she made herself available to meet wherever it was convenient for US!  She was also willing to meet as many times as I wanted!  Sometimes it was just nice to know she was listening and telling me everything was going to be OK.

On the day of, she managed to set up a ballroom for 200+ people with a limited amount of time.  I am sure there were tons of details she tended to on the day of that I don't even know about because she took care of it.  I never sensed any stress or anxiety from her.  No task was too big or too small.  With every question I couldn't answer, she always responded with "don't worry, I'll find out" or "I'll take care of it". During my search, I found there were some coordinators that were very rigid and would only provided services for 6 or 8 hours and charge by the hour thereafter.  Chelsea was there with me from 12:30pm and didn't leave until the end of the night after everything was packed up at about 10:30pm.  That's a total of 10 hours of wedding day stuff, 1 hour of rehearsal, 3 hours of meetings and even more hours of emailing and planning on her own!!!  Hiring Chelsea was one of the best and easiest decisions I made for our wedding! 

It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her for wedding event coordinating.  It didn't feel like a business relationship. Throughout our planning and day of, she was very friendly and personable but was always professional and concise with her plans.  Thanks Chelsea!

laricel + jhunior - may 2014

Chelsea and team were so helpful with our May 2014 wedding. Initially I thought I could do everything myself from planning to execution for a 200+ person, traditional Catholic & Filipino wedding. I realized in February that although the majority of the plans were made, there was no way on the day of that I could be in multiple places at once...nor did I want to ask my friends, family or bridesmaids to be put to work on our special day. I scouted several options for day of coordinators and ultimately ended up with Chelsea as I was impressed with her research of Filipino weddings, her organization and her affordable price point for the range of services offered. I was on the fence with adding this additional cost to our wedding budget, but knew I made the right choice when I consulted my fiance who was all for it as he knew how much work I had been putting into the wedding and welcomed the extra help to ease some stress.

Leading up to the event, Chelsea was in constant communication via email (same day responses) and we met with her and her assistant on several occasions to walk through both the church and reception venues, go over the timeline she created for us/the vendors and walk through day of details in general. She kept me on task which is exactly what I needed during a last few very busy months with trying to juggle wedding planning with a full time job and all of life's other obligations. She was extremely thorough and asked questions of the venues and vendors I had not thought to ask. She kept in communication with them so I didn't have to, helped follow up with guests that had not RSVP'ed and was very forthcoming about her willingness to assist with any wedding-related to-do items on our list. Her help really cut down a lot of the work my fiance and I needed to do to the point that the week of the wedding when I expected to be running around like crazy, we were eerily calm!

The day before the wedding for our rehearsal, it was so nice to simply attend the practice then go to dinner with our bridal party and wedding participants. With Chelsea and team doing everything the next day, I didn't have to ask anyone to come to the reception venue and work into the wee hours of the night setting up. We all were simply able to go our separate ways and get some rest before the big event. 

The day of the ceremony, Chelsea and her assistant were at the hotel where my bridal party and I were getting ready bright and early, brought us and the groom & groomsmen breakfast, welcomed all of the vendors, helped distribute corsages/bouquets etc (we had about 40 people participating in our wedding due to a large bridal party and the many traditional elements that go along with a Filipino-Catholic mass), set up place cards and other items for the tables, set up our party bus with drinks & cleaned it up after, made sure personal items got home with my parents safely after the reception (presents, cake cutter, etc), and so much more. There is no way I could have relaxed that day without Dancing Fox Weddings and Events there to deal with the devil in the details. 

I have said multiple times to friends and family that the best thing I did for this wedding was hire Dancing Fox Weddings and Events. Chelsea gave me peace of mind and the ability to actually enjoy the most important day of our lives. I would highly recommend this service for anyone planning a wedding, large or small.

lisa + dan - march 2014

Chelsea gets the full 5 stars from me!  She is fantastic!!!
I used Chelsea to plan a 40th birthday party for my husband.  I started planning it and realized that I needed some help which is when I found Chelsea and I would recommend her for any event. 

Here are just a few reasons to use Chelsea:
* She is very organized, brings great ideas to the table and keeps everything moving forward with a time line, budget, etc.
* She was able to save me several hundred dollars from the prices I received looking by myself with her great negotiation skills.
* She was really able to tune into what I was looking for in a party and add ideas to it.  
* When scoping out the venue, she put together a great book with all the details of each venue and a spreadsheet that really allowed me to compare each one side by side.  She then was able to walk me through it and ask the questions necessary for me to pick the right place and feel great about the value I was going to get. 
* I worked with several vendors during the planning; location, caterer, musician and sound guys.  Chelsea coordinated it all including when she was on vacation which was way beyond what I was expecting.  
* Chelsea is a great listener.  There were often times where she was able to explain to others exactly what I was looking for.  
Thank you, Chelsea, for your great planning efforts and help with throwing one of the biggest parties of my life.

christina + brian - august 2013

This past summer I got married and used the full spectrum of services offered by Dancing Fox Weddings and Events. My wedding was on the West Coast, while my fiancé and I were both on the East Coast going through grad school. Clearly, our wedding planning process could have been incredibly stressful to say the least. After expressing my concern with Chelsea from Dancing Fox though, she assured me she would mitigate all the stresses. 

Despite being on the other side of the country from Chelsea, she was able to handle all of our mini crises that came up. For starters, she successfully found our venue and took on all the coordination and communication with our venue contact, a woman who turned out to be inexplicably crazy and controlling. Thankfully, Chelsea became our liaison and took all the stress off our hands. 

Additionally, Chelsea handled our budget and kept track of all our wedding expenses. Amazingly, with her help we were actually able to stay under our original estimates. I can't express enough how much of a burden she took off of us by handling this. 
While Dancing Foxes is wonderful at coordination and logistics, they are equally impressive at implementation. Chelsea handled the planning, coordination, and decoration of both my bridal shower and my bachelorette party. She received input from me as well as my maid of honor about my style, and created two perfect events that were certainly Pinterest-worthy. I could not have been happier. 

Most importantly, the day of the wedding, Chelsea was our hands on coordinator. She ensured our day was perfect and that we didn't encounter any issues that could put a damper on the day. She assisted in decorations, timing of events, and all the details that can become hectic. I can't give Chelsea  a high enough review for our wedding; she was a complete life-saver and will certainly be used for our next event.

jeryl - june 2014

Angela, at  Dancing Fox Weddings and Events, did an incredible job as our party planner for my son's college graduation party.  My husband and I were planning a small gathering for my son's graduation that quickly grew in size and overwhelmed us.  She agreed to step in very late in the process and took charge, first determining what our vision and thoughts were for the party, the budget, and how many guests were expected.   

She was a whirlwind of activities.  She quickly helped us finalize the food and beverage menu,  then took charge of the outside arrangements that included the number of  tables and chairs, where to place them and the amount of linens required.  In addition to these tasks, she took it upon herself to offer great additions of a photo booth with props (in my son's university colors) and a table set up for the guest to write inspirational advise to my son. 

In addition to planning the event, she was instrumental in coordinating the ordering all of the catered food, tables and linens (as well as the pick-up after the party), having these items delivered on time.  Her choice for the caterer and rental agency were spot on. Everything was delivered on time, the food was great and the table choices she made were excellent.      

The party was a great success!  On the day of the event, Angela handled all of the arranging and set-up in a timely fashion.  There was no last-minute running around for this or that item which always seems to elude us right before a party starts.  

Angela took all the stress off our shoulders so we were able to take in the event and enjoy a greate party with family and friends.  I highly recommend Dancing Fox Weddings and Events to coordinate any event.